Dog Walking

Mid-day dog walks are excellent for your dogs. If you are busy all day, either at the office, or even at home, having your dog walked during the day can make life much more pleasant for you and your pooch. Not only do the dogs get out to relieve themselves, they get much-needed exercise, which is the key to a happy dog. A tired dog = happy dog!

Rates include up to two dogs. Please add $3 a visit per dog above two dogs.

Length of Walk Per Visit
15 minute walk/potty $17
30 minute walk $19
45 minute walk $24
1 hour walk $28
running for 30 minutes $22

Prior to scheduling a walk, we will set up a free appointment with you at your house to meet you in person, and meet your dogs. We're available anytime for walks: mornings, mid-day, evenings, and on weekends. We always pick up after our dogs, keeping you and your neighbors happy!

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